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Roland introduces LX700 digital piano series

Roland has introduced its new LX700 digital piano series, featuring three models: the flagship LX708, mid-range LX706 and entry-level LX705.

Roland has introduced its new LX700 digital piano series, featuring three models: the flagship LX708, mid-range LX706 and entry-level LX705.

With innovations in sound generation, keyboard action, ambience modelling and design, the series delivers an authentic grand piano sound.

LX700’s PureAcoustic technology

Unlike typical digital pianos, which create their sound by sampling, the LX700’s PureAcoustic Modelling technology emulates the way that acoustic pianos produce sound, including the hammers striking the strings and the sound resonating through the piano’s body. This enables a choice of realistic, but tonally distinct, grand piano models – one for European tastes and the other with an American feel – offering the LX700 player two pianos in one.

Roland’s PureAcoustic Ambience technology then recreates the sound space around the piano by emulating the acoustic properties of performance spaces including concert halls, studios and cathedrals.

Keyboard and pedal features

Roland’s new Hybrid Grand keyboard (LX708/LX706) features longer key actions than those on typical digital pianos so players don’t need to press harder the further up the key they play.

In addition, the LX708 reproduces the vibration from the cabinet resonance when playing a grand piano and comes equipped with newly designed Responsive Damper Action for realistic pedal expressions.

Other features

Other features include:

  • Bluetooth® audio
  • Twin Piano mode
  • metronome
  • headphones
  • backlit buttons
  • rotary knobs

LX700 design

The LX700 series
The LX700 series’ user interface is designed to be inviting to play © Roland

Each model offers a different combination of cabinet designs, keyboards, pedals and Acoustic Projection speaker systems.

  • The flagship LX708 has a tall cabinet and a lid that opens for optimum sound projection as well as an eight-speaker sound system
  • The midrange LX706 offers a shorter cabinet, closed-lid design and six-speaker system
  • The entry-level LX705 has a compact cabinet, a four-speaker system and Roland’s PHA-50 keyboard

Depending on the model, finishes include polished ebony, polished white, charcoal, dark rosewood and light oak.

Piano Every Day

Launching alongside the LX700 series is Piano Every Day, a smartphone app that encourages regular playing.

Once installed, LX700 owners can browse and purchase from Sheet Music Direct’s online library of over 70,000 music scores before trying the ‘Timeline’ feature to track and display progress when learning a new piece, complete with exercises if required.

Piano Every Day is available for free from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Header photo: Japanese/Hungarian pianist, Miyuji Kaneko, plays the flagship LX708 from Roland’s new LX700 digital piano series © Roland