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  1. Geoffrey Haydock
    Geoffrey Haydock

    Music has great benefial effects on both old and young and having played to both over the past 40 years my wife and I have witnessed many times those benefits. Having been professional musicians for over 50 years and still giving recitals both on land and on cruise ships one particular lady’s comment following a concert that we gave in a psychiatric hospital stays with me. “Thank you for not patronising us” she said. From then on we just played our normal classical repertoire as we would elsewhere and even those who might never have experienced such music are usually very appreciative. Any initiative that brings music into nursing/care homes or day care centres and hospitals is to be encouraged so well done and all strength to your projects. Geoffrey Haydock (ex Principal BBC Clarinet) Penelope Smith (ex BBC Accompanist )

    3 February 2018 at 12:43 pm Reply

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