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Leading composers join forces with national charity campaign to #ShareTheLove

Soundabout, the national music education charity which has pioneered the use of music, rhythm and sound to give disabled people a voice, has released Jessica’s Lullaby, a classical collaboration between renowned composers John Rutter, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Will Todd and Debbie Wiseman OBE,

Performed by James Hawkins and musical savant, pianist Derek Paravicini, the classical piece forms part of the charity’s new #ShareTheLove campaign, raising awareness of the vital role that music plays in the lives of people with complex learning disabilities and autism. The moving campaign film depicts these composers being challenged to put themselves into the position of 17-year-old Jessica Greaves who has cerebral palsy and is non verbal, and to say ‘I Love You’ using sound alone.

Their resulting musical fragments – three notes from each composer – have been woven into the brand new composition by music producer James Hawkins. Jessica’s Lullaby was released on Mother’s Day (31 March 2019) to raise funds for Soundabout’s work which uses music to unlock the potential of profoundly disabled children, young people and adults.

Members of the public are also invited to go online at www.soundabout.org.uk/sharethelove and choose one of the composer’s musical messages, which they can share to say ‘I Love You’ with someone special.

This important campaign shines a light on the vital role music plays in the lives of people who would otherwise exist in a very solitary world.

Dame Evelyn Glennie

Composer and percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie said:

‘Music is one of the most essential communication tools we have, and one that we must all have access to. This important campaign shines a light on the vital role music plays in the lives of people who would otherwise exist in a very solitary world. I would ask everyone to #ShareTheLove and ensure Soundabout can continue to unlock the potential of people with profound learning disabilities.’

Jessica’s mum, paramedic Natalie Greaves, said:

‘Sound is an integral part of my relationship with Jessica and we use this to strengthen our deep love and affection for each other. I know that Jessica has huge potential which is why I understand the invaluable work that Soundabout does, their passion for helping to unlock the potential of children with complex needs through singing, music and sounds and the difference this can make to a child’s life, just like Jess.’

Clare Cook, Soundabout CEO, said:

‘Like many of Soundabout’s clients, Jessica is nonverbal but shows us how to use music, sound and silence to communicate. Although we are all born with an innate musical ability, many of us lose confidence in using it as we get older. At Soundabout we know that music is the key to unlocking the door to an otherwise isolated world for people with profound learning disabilities, and we empower teachers and families to have the confidence to do the same. So please help us to continue our vital work, support our campaign and #ShareTheLove through music.’