LCCM launches ‘FastTrack’ digital student support platform

Mark Lettieri at LCCM

London College of Creative Media (LCCM) has launched a multifunctional digital support platform, ‘FastTrack’, aimed at assisting students impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

‘FastTrack’ provides a range of services for current and future students – including a dedicated job portal for graduates – as well as exclusive virtual events and learning resources.

Students interested in joining the ‘FastTrack’ digital support platform will be able to do so through LCCM but registration is also open to members of the public who attend LCCM’s free ‘QuaranStream’ events. The two most recent of these featured producer, songwriter, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and orchestral composer, Nitin Sawhney, and Grammy-Award-winning guitarist, Mark Lettieri, pictured above.

Simon Jones, Principal at LCCM, said:

‘Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve worked to ensure our students could continue their studies and we’ve been thinking about how to support them. With ‘FastTrack’, we have found a way to assist them through their journey from recruitment into the school to their future employment that other schools are yet to develop.

‘Masterclasses and events with the industry have always been a distinctive asset we offer to our students. With ‘FastTrack’, we combine this resource with the student and career support provided, creating a unique platform that puts students at the centre of our efforts.’

JD Donovan, Creative Industries Liaison at LCCM, said:

”FastTrack’ is as it says: helping young people gain direct access to the music industry as they step out into the new post-COVID world.

‘We realised we needed to move quickly to protect and support future careers: with ‘FastTrack’, we have digitalised and reinvented the approach to HE Career Support. We are incredibly excited about a summer of landmark events with industry icons and game-changers but also driven to do the very best we can to support and guide the wave of talented musicians and executives.’

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