Bandlab helps break down geographic barriers

International collaborative recording project shared at major Google event


Producing a Top 10 dance track using free music production software? It’s no longer just a dream.

Earlier in 2019, three musicians approached BandLab, the Singapore-based music technology start-up, with their story. Se-Hwang Kim, Andy Ryu and Linah London are all working musicians based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. They wanted to produce a dance track but were scattered across the globe and had conflicting schedules.

Watch the video to see how these three creators used BandLab to overcome these obstacles.

This case study was shared at Day 3 of the Google I/O in a Sonic Boom showcase. Google I/O is the annual conference bringing together over 7,000 of the world’s top developers in Mountain View, California.

BandLab is here to help musicians tear down the barriers to creativity. So it’s amazing to see how BandLab helped creators like Andy, Se-Hwang, and Linah to bring their music to the world.

Published by MUSIC:ED in partnership with BandLab

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