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Hong Kong seeks global creative industries talent

InvestHK, the Hong Kong government’s business development agency, has launched a new website promoting opportunities for specialists in 11 fields including the creative industries.

The more@HongKong website includes information on areas of talent being sought, the practicalities of living and working in Hong Kong, and services provided by InvestHK for those interested in making a career in the territory.

The music professionals targeted on Talent List Hong Kong are recording engineers, mastering engineers and cutting/pressing engineers for vinyl.

According to the Talent List website, ‘Local creative industries are expanding their markets along the Belt and Road countries and in the Bay Area, thereby enhancing Hong Kong’s status as a trend-setting creative capital in the region.

‘Film, music and digital entertainment (games) are of particularly high potential… For music, the revival of interest in the mass market in vinyl LP in recent years generates an increasing demand for very high quality music records.’

Those who meet the scheme’s application criteria are eligible for immigration facilitation under Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

Find out more here.

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