Help Musicians opens three doors to funding

Help Musicians Do it Differently Covid-19 funding round

The UK independent charity Help Musicians has launched three new routes to funding for musicians suffering loss of income in the current crisis.

The Transmission Fund, the fourth round of the Covid-19 adapated Do It Differently Fund and the fifth MOBO Help Musicians Fund are each tailored to suit a range of requirements.

The Transmission Fund offers upskilling, training and development backing. Do It Differently assists musicians in overcoming the hurdles and stresses of business. The MOBO Trust and Help Musicians are working together on the MOBO Help Musicians Fund to support artists making Hip Hop, Grime, R&B, Soul, music of African origin, Reggae, Jazz and Gospel. Funding is available to help with production, marketing and business guidance.

Help Musicians says is has ‘seen resilience and resourcefulness in adapting to current times and we know that for many, the opportunity to create, develop and grow and diversify income streams during this remarkable year can be vital aid in maintaining good mental health.’ It is for this reason that these funding opportunities have been created.

The deadline for applications to all three funds is 23 November 2020. Full information is available on the Help Musicians website.

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