German language course for opera singers and musicians launched

Royal Irish Academy of Music

Irish National Opera, the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Goethe-Institut have announced a new German language course designed specifically for aspiring opera singers and musicians.

The programme was launched in Dublin on 10 September 2019 in the Goethe-Institut with students drawn from the INO Studio and RIAM. Upon completion, students will obtain an internationally recognised qualification in German. 

James Bingham, Irish National Opera Studio and Outreach Producer, said:

‘For any singer applying to the INO Studio, we’d expect them to arrive with a comfortable grasp of German pronunciation and have a good knowledge of the translation of any German repertoire they’re singing. However, an artist’s craft on stage is only part of the demands of a freelance career in opera. We encourage INO Studio artists to have an international ambition and so should be professionally equipped to work comfortably in countries rich with opera such as Germany. This course is an ideal way for our artists to begin the process of learning the German as a conversational language.’

Germany and Austria have a rich operatic tradition and German-speaking countries have a higher opera stage density than any other region in the world, with an average of over 7,000 performances in Germany annually.

Kathleen Tynan, Head of Vocal Studies and Opera, Royal Irish Academy of Music, said:

‘The Royal Irish Academy of Music is very impressed by the generosity and vision of the Goethe-Institut in creating this bespoke German language course for RIAM singing students and members of the Irish National Opera Studio. Fluency in the German language is an essential skill for any young singer that plans to join a Master’s programme or an Opera Studio in Germany or Austria.’

Goethe-Institut director, Dr Thomas Lier, said:

‘The Goethe-Institut is delighted to be collaborating with Irish National Opera and the Royal Irish Academy of Music in establishing a brand new specialised German language course for music professionals and students. I am very pleased about this new partnership and the opportunity it provides to further strengthen and deepen the long-standing musical connections between Germany and Ireland.’

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