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From Incorporated to Independent after 140 years

The ‘I’ in ISM has had its meaning changed as the Incorporated Society of Musicians becomes the Independent Society of Musicians 140 years since the body’s inception. 

The change comes as the society strengthens its reputation as a legal campaigner for its membership with some landmark cases, particularly in the field of discrimination. 

Vick Bain, the ISM President, explained, ‘In recent years the ISM has become a powerhouse for campaigning and the result of this work can be seen in five Brexit reports and ground-breaking research into music education including the two recent publications, ‘Music: A subject in peril?’ and ‘The case for change’.

The word ‘Independent’ is central to everything we do, so I welcome the new name. It reflects who we are and what we do.’

As a lobbying organisation for musicians of all types, the ISM is now paying close attention to the forthcoming Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, the Truss government’s first major reaction to Brexit. As the society states, ‘The ISM will fight any attempt by the government to water down workplace protections since our research is clear where this leads. If the government is serious about productivity then we need safer working environments where harassment and bullying and discrimination are a thing of the past.’

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