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Former Bowie backing singer and vocal coach launches book on The Healing Power of Singing

Emm Gryner, solo artist, former David Bowie band member, vocal coach and multi-instrumentalist, has written a wellbeing book, ‘The Healing Power of Singing – Raise Your Voice, Change Your Life’.

Gryner has worked with Def Leppard, astronaut Chris Hadfield on his version of ‘Space Oddity’, and as a member of the collective The Cake Sale with Chris Lightbody of Snow Patrol, Bell X1, Josh Ritter and Glen Hansard.

She has run her own award-winning record label, was signed to Mercury and has released numerous albums of her own music. David Bowie named her one of his two favourite Canadian acts, Nelly Furtado named a Gryner album as one of her Desert Island Discs and Bono said her track ‘Summer of High Hopes’ was one of six songs he wished he’d written.

After starting a family, Gryner moved into voice coaching, mindset and confidence coaching.

This has resulted in the book which is published this month. ‘Part study of the art of singing, part guide to finding one’s voice and part memoir’, it tells her story, warts and all, and explains the ways she has discovered to improve her voice and to use it to benefit her health and her mental strength.

It includes 25 steps towards improving yourself and your voice, it presents a light and entertaining blend of vocal health tips and action items with stories from the tour bus and the way the author’s lifestyle affected her for good and bad.

‘The Healing Power of Singing’ is published on 28 September 2021. ISBN number 978-1-77041-522-2.