Tileyard Summer Music Camp

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The Tileyard Summer Music Camp is a 10-day intensive and highly practical songwriting and music industry camp, held at Tileyard Studios London, for commercial songwriters, producers and entertainment entrepreneurs.

At the camp you will be taught by and collaborate with professional songwriters, producers, artists, and industry entrepreneurs based at Tileyard Studios.

Tileyard Studios is the largest professional music community in Europe home to 82 recording studios and 120 music and entertainment businesses including producer songwriters Martyn Ware, Jon Kelly, Paul Whalley, Michael Angelo, Sean Hargreaves, Drew Masters, Goetz Botzenhardt, Nikolaj Bjerre, Emma Stakes, Marli Harwood, Notting Hill Music, Maverick, Marathon Artists, PLATOON and many more.

Week one courses include:

  • Music industry landscape, dynamics and stakeholders
  • Inside the hybrid label, publisher, management company
  • Copyright, royalties, collection and the future of rights
  • Contracts for recording, publishing and management deals
  • The development of contemporary popular music in c20 / c21
  • DAW production skills 1: protools and logic
  • Songwriting and arrangement fundamentals
  • Lyric and creative writing workshop
  • Vocal development and technique
  • A two day songwriting camp
  • Friday playback session and party

Week two courses include:

  • Entertainment marketing concepts, tools and techniques
  • Campaign and creative project management
  • New media and digital systems for music and entertainment
  • Digital marketing, SEO and strategic planning for campaigns
  • PR and radio support
  • Live event management, planning and marketing
  • DAW Production skills 2: protocols and logic
  • Songwriting and arrangement advanced skills
  • Vocal development and techniques part 2
  • A two day songwriting camp
  • Friday playback session and final party

A light catered lunch and tea/coffee is included daily.

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Tileyard Education

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Tileyard Education, based at Tileyard Studios, the largest professional music community in Europe, delivers post graduate and professional creative courses.

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