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New Pathways in Improvisation


Nov 04 - 05 2021


09:30 - 19:00



New Pathways in Improvisation @MDX

About this event

New Pathways in Improvisation @MDX is a free live-streamed 2-day conference-performance event exploring music, dance, theatre & visual arts.

The event features internationally renowned artists Charlotte Hug, Nick Roth, Sayoko Onishi, Olesya Zdorovetska, Vida Midgelow, Benjamin Dwyer, Jonathan Impett, Kate Ryder and many others.


From the Conference Director, Benjamin Dwyer

You are all very welcome to this two-day event, New Pathways in Improvisation@MDX.

As Professor of Music at Middlesex University, I am delighted to direct this hybrid conference-performance happening, which features some of the most renowned academics and performing artists currently working in improvisation.

What makes this event more exciting is its cross-disciplinary nature exploring the areas of music, dance, theatre, and visual and sonic arts. Today, improvisation draws in many arts practices but it also reaches out to the social sciences and the politics of real life.

It is widely acknowledged that problems, be they cultural, political or social, can no longer be solved by any single approach or method. Creative improvisers are leading the way in finding solutions that are fluid and inter-relational.

This event explores ways by which improvisation, as an interdisciplinary happening, can create unique modes of knowledge transfer, contribute to the formation of translative epistemologies (Roth) and thus offer innovative solutions to social, political and even philosophical challenges currently facing us.

Whether you are a student, an academic or just interested in the performing arts, New Pathways in Improvisation@MDX offers fourteen fascinating lecture-performances combining theory and practice, cross-disciplinarity and intercultural studies that I am sure will be highly stimulating. The event situates Middlesex University’s Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at the forefront of research and practice in improvisation in the UK and internationally.

I look forward to seeing you on 4 & 5 November.


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Middlesex University

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 04 - 05 2021
  • Time: 05:30 - 15:00

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