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Coronavirus cancelled


Apr 01 2020


10:00 - 16:00

*CANCELLED* Musikmesse 2020 International Education Day

**Musikmesse 2020 has been cancelled because of the covid-19 virus. New dates in 2021 will be announced in due course.**

About the Musikmesse International Education Day

The International Education Day brings a new dimension to Musikmesse, Europe’s largest music industry trade exhibition, in its 40th anniversary year: a strand showcasing international music education and providing a focussed forum for music educators attending the main show. 

  • Online publishers MUSIC:ED, in partnership with training and music technology specialists UCanPlay, have devised a programme of keynotes, presentations, workshops, demonstrations and live discussions led by expert music education speakers from the UK, the USA and Malaysia
  • The theme of the 2020 Musikmesse International Education Day is Education-Industry Partnerships: the programme includes case-studies of successful collaborations and an opportunity to engage in discussion with project leaders
  • In keeping with Musikmesse’s reputation as a European event with global reach, International Education Day keynote sessions and panel discussions will be live-streamed
  • Participants will have access to educational resources and offers both at the event and afterwards


Keynote 1: Partnership Approaches to Music Education (Dr Jonathan Savage)

  • In this keynote presentation, Dr Savage will argue for the development of partnership approaches to music education. Drawing on recent examples where music industry partners have worked closely with schools, colleges, universities and others involved in delivering music education, he will explore the benefits and limitations of such an approach. He will identify key approaches for new approaches moving forward and provide a series of challenging questions for consideration throughout the day

Keynote 2: Getting Your Digital Products into School: Tales from the Trenches (Dr Jim Frankel)

  • Dr Jim Frankel is the Global Head of Digital Education for Wise Music Group and the Director of MusicFirst – a comprehensive learning management system custom built for music educators with engaging content and a suite of impressive software tools. This session will focus on the path to get products from the shelves of stores into the hands of school children, delivered digitally. Come and learn some insights on what went right, and what went wrong, and gain a better understanding of the process of getting products into schools

Keynote 3: From the ground up…enabling educators to put music at the heart of their curriculum (Emma Coulthard)

  • Spreading the message of the power of music to enhance the education of children is often a challenge. Time is precious and many school leaders have other priorities, or see music only as a shop front – choirs and orchestras just for the few. The new curriculum in Wales, with its strong emphasis on the Arts and creativity, gives an opportunity to re-position Music as an integral element. In this session, we will look at the many ways the idea of music in education can be broadened and address not just musical requirements, but so many other aspirations that we have for developing rounded, cultured human beings

Keynote 4: Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s music business (Professor George Hess)

  • The music business that we teachers grew up with hasn’t existed during the lifetime of our students. The path to success is now uncharted territory and there’s no certainty that what works today will work tomorrow. But with the changes comes opportunity for those willing to think outside the box and move outside of their silos. Professor George Hess talks about the skills and traits today’s students will need to succeed in the global music business no matter what the future brings

Breakout sessions

Teaching music in the cloud with MusicFirst (Dr Jim Frankel)

  • This session will provide an overview of the MusicFirst Classroom – an innovative learning management system built just for music educators that combines world-class cloud-based software with engaging curricular content. All attendees will be given free 30 day access to the platform

Resonance (Dr Jonathan Savage)

  • Dr Savage will outline the story of Resonance, a multi-million pound new higher education institution set up within the west Midlands, UK. Resonance is a great example of a partnership approach to music education drawing, as it does, on the industry, further education, charities, a music education hub, local radio and other partners within an exciting new purpose-built facility. Resonance’s future is full of opportunities and the precise work it will undertake is still developing. However, the story of how Resonance came into being is full of high and lows that will be informative for others seeking to develop partnerships with academic institutions

BBC Ten Pieces (Emma Coulthard)

  • BBC Ten Pieces was devised in 2014 to educate a new generation of pupils aged 7-14 about the orchestra and its wonderful repertoire. This seminar will show how momentum and excitement were created using well known TV presenters, modern presentation techniques, carefully designed resources and a network of champions to breathe new life into music education. We will include recent case studies, and even try out one of the lessons for ourselves, celebrating a truly universal and inclusive approach, not just in terms of pedagogy, but in the skilful way that partners are engaged

Project-based learning – the best way to learn (Professor George Hess)

  • In the distant past, before there was the Internet, people learned to use sequencers, synthesizers, recording consoles and other gear all on their own. Most of us did it by tackling a project we wanted to do, cracking the manual, asking friends and simple trial and error. And it was fun. The one thing that would have made it all work better was to have an expert in the room to answer questions and provide guidance. That’s project-based learning in a nutshell. Students work on a real project that they choose with an instructor to help them smooth over the bumps. It’s fun, it’s interesting and it works. For over 20 years, Professor George Hess has been using PBL in his classes and he’ll provide insights into how to make it work for you

Talking music edtech: connecting your school music department with the music industry (Richard Llewellyn)

  • As a music teacher, are you aware of any help or support you may be able to get from the industry side of the music business? When was the last time you contacted a music tech company and asked for some help? Is this something you can even do?! During this session, Richard Llewellyn will talk about some of the free opportunities that Steinberg offers in terms of music technology in the classroom, and how these will benefit your students

Creating engaging digital content for music teachers (Dr Jim Frankel)

  • This session will focus on the massive Content Library included with the MusicFirst Classroom, with a demonstration of how traditional print products can come to life in the digital world. All attendees will be given free 30 day access to the platform

Using Dorico for lesson prep and classroom teaching (Daniel Spreadbury)

  • Explore how you can use Steinberg’s music notation software, Dorico, to help accelerate your lesson preparation with its powerful features for easily combining music, text and graphics, and how you can produce arrangements for your school ensembles in minutes. Discover how Dorico can be your partner in the classroom and help to introduce and reinforce music theory concepts and grow their facility with reading music notation, too

Panel discussions

How and why education-industry partnership projects succeed (chaired by Dr Jonathan Savage)

  • What are the ingredients for successful partnership working? What are the challenges for commercial businesses to collaborate with non-profit education organisations?

Focussing on purpose to unlock new partnerships (facilitated by Anita Holford as a live podcast)

  • Wanting more people to make music is one thing we all have in common. So why does there seem to be an invisible wall between commercial and not-for-profit organisations? Anita Holford brings her Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast to Musikmesse to discuss how focussing on purpose, rather than profit, can help those barriers fall away. She’ll share examples from the UK, and ideas for local, regional and national partnerships to encourage more, and a wider range of, people to make music


  • Emma Coulthard is Chief Executive, Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service (Wales, UK)
  • Dr Jim Frankel is Global Head of Digital Education, Wise Music Group & Director, MusicFirst (UK/USA)
  • Professor George Hess is Professor of Music and Audio Technology, Sunway University (Malaysia)
  • Anita Holford is a freelance communications consultant for music and the arts (Wales, UK)
  • Richard Llewellyn is the UK Education Manager for Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH (UK)
  • Dr Jonathan Savage is Managing Director, UCan Play and Reader in Education, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
  • Daniel Spreadbury is Product Manager, Dorico, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH (UK)


Messe Frankfurt
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, Frankfurt am Main, 60327 Germany
Messe Frankfurt


Musikmesse Frankfurt

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 01 2020
  • Time: 05:00 - 11:00

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