Endlesss Studio

Endlesss cloud-based looper launches with half-price offer

The cloud-connected looping system, Endlesss Studio, has been launched at a special half price of US$99/£79 until March 2021.

Building upon Endlesss’s successful iOS app, which was launched in the middle of the first lockdown, the Endlesss Studio desktop app and plug-in is designed to offer rapid, collaborative music creation online, facilitating live jam sessions with music-makers around the world.

Tim Exile, the founder and CEO of Endlesss, left a successful career performing his self-invented electronic improvisation instrument, The Flow Machine with Nitin Sawnhey, Nile Rogers and Imogen Heap, after realising that ‘the person having the most fun in the room was often me.’

He makes no bones about the company’s product philosophy of music as something one does, rather than experiences passively, ‘Endlesss is an instrument designed not for perfection but to keep you in a forward motion of creativity,’ he says. ‘Before Edison recorded sound, music was an activity we came together to do rather than a product we consume alone. We believe everyone is on a musical journey, even those who only listen, a journey which helps us find belonging and meaning. Endlesss is here to connect, deepen and amplify those journeys.’

The cloud-based nature of the system allows for easy transfer between devices. This also means that it forms a creative space for collaboration between artists, other musicians and even fans, removing the traditional barrier between performer and audience.

As Tim Exile explains, ‘The simple concept behind Endlesss is that it’s about doing music instead of composing, mastering, mixing, and distributing it in a perfectionist process.’

Endlesss Studio is available as a Mac-based system until the end of March at a 50% introductory discount of £79. A Windows version is under development for later in 2021. Further details can be found at www.endlesss.fm

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