Dr Anita Collins with young musicians

Dr Anita Collins is keynote speaker at Tonara’s InspirED Music Expo

Tonara, the developer of the Tonara Studio music education app, has organised a global conference for music educators to share new ideas and teaching methods on 18 and 19 December.

The InspirED Music Expo conference keynote speaker is Dr Anita Collins, award-winning teacher, researcher and best-selling author of The Music Advantage. She will lead an august gathering of musicians, music educators, academics and technologists in a busy schedule of talks and workshops covering a diverse range of topics under the themes of Innovation, Connectivity and Empowerment.

The Innovation sessions will explore new instructional practices and approaches to music teaching, while also re-assessing traditional methods for teaching all ages and group sizes.

Connectivity through technology will be a strong theme in the light of the changes imposed by Covid-19. Sessions will include how to interact remotely with both students and parents and how to utilise new technology to improve upon traditional classes.

Empowerment sessions will look at understanding how music education informs and is informed by a social-emotional learning curriculum (SEL) and trauma-based interventions. The sessions will offer thoughts on keeping students engaged in music throughout the year and, most importantly, in helping teachers care for their own wellbeing.

The conference is aimed at all types of music education from private, freelance lessons to schools and further education. And with Anita Collins’ ongoing campaign to demonstrate the pan-curricular value of music education, the conversations are bound to be lively.

As Tonara Creative Education Specialist Beth Horton says, ‘We are lucky to live in a time where music education conferences have gone online, and there is a lot of content for us to absorb. But sitting in a day of Zoom calls is exhausting. The team at Tonara wants to engage you in the discussion.’

So, the conference will use a much more interactive platform and, just as with a face-to-face conference, the organisers have set up a variety of other ways for delegates to meet and talk.

Beyond the main sessions, there will be opportunities for teachers from around the world to interact through the Facebook group ‘Tonara Music Expo After Hours’ to continue discussions and expand upon them.

All sessions will be recorded and available for replay for 14 days after the event.

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