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Membership registration

Introduction #

This guide explains how new MUSIC:ED members can register during our invitation-only membership stage (August – October 2021).

Your invitation email #

You will receive an email from the MUSIC:ED team inviting you to register as a member of the MUSIC:ED community:

Invitation email

Create, verify and log in to your account #

Create your account #

Click on the link in the invitation email and you’ll be taken to a screen like the one below. Complete all the fields.

You must use the same email address which the invitation was sent to.

  • Important note: your ‘nickname’ will form the last part of your profile’s url (eg musiceducation.global/members/oliviang) which will be set permanently during registration. You can change the nickname later but this change will not be reflected in the url.

Verify your email #

Email confirmation alert message

You’ll see an alert like the one above. Check your inbox for a confirmation email.

Click the link in the email and you’ll see something like this (the activation key should appear automatically):

Click the ‘Activate’ button and you’ll see a confirmation message:
Now click ‘Log In’ and you’ll be taken to the log in page followed by your MUSIC:ED member profile.

Set up your basic profile, profile photo and cover photo #

Basic profile #

Click on your user name in the navigation menu, select ‘Profile’ from the drop-down and click on ‘Edit’ from the sub-menu.

You’ll see your first name, last name and nickname (these are the same as the entries you made when you registered) and a field called ‘Brief description’.

  • Please add a short biog (for individual Professional members) or organisation/company summary (for Partner members).
  • Click ‘Save Changes’.

Profile photo #

You’ll need a square photo (individual Professional profiles) or logo (Partner profiles) in PNG or JPG format. We recommend a minimum size of 640px x 640px.

To add your photo, click on ‘Profile photo’ in the left-hand menu in the ‘Edit profile’ screen, upload your photo (cropping if necessary) and click on ‘Crop photo’.

Add or edit your profile photo

Cover photo #

Your cover photo brands your profile. You can change this at any time, for example if you have new events or products which you’d like to promote.

The recommended size is 1950px w x 450px h but please bear in mind that the cover photo displays differently on different screen sizes and devices.

Add or edit your cover photo