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9 Tanner Street, London SE1 3LE
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Each year more than 350 Youth Music projects are happening across England. That’s around 89,000 children and young people regularly making music.

We invest in music-making projects where they’re really needed. Bringing opportunities for children to learn a new musical genre in a town where not much happens. Supporting a ground-breaking initiative in a deprived part of a city. Responding to difficult challenges like young people at risk of radicalisation.

Communities divided by prejudice or gangs can be brought together to perform. Writing lyrics can enable a bereaved teenager to express their grief. Making hip-hop beats can help a kid understand maths in a way they never grasped at school.

Being young can be hard. And we know that troubles don’t end the moment you hit 18. That’s why we work with children and young people from the moment they’re born right up until the age of 25.

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