Roland UK

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Atlantic Close, Bon-y-maen, Swansea, Wales SA7 9FJ
Detailed Information

Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of musical instruments including pianos, keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion kits, digital recording equipment, amplifiers and audio processing devices.

Roland (UK) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roland Corporation Japan and we’re based in Swansea, South Wales. Our main focus is electronic musical instruments _ such as digital pianos and accordions, synthesizers and electronic drums and organs _ and professional audio and computer music equipment. These products are loved and trusted by many musicians, from beginners to professionals around the world. Our piano and keyboard offerings include the following:

  • State-of-the-art digital pianos available in grand, upright, stage and speciality models
  • A collection of organs with classical sound and digital control
  • Professional synthesizers for studio and stage
  • Keyboards and accordions, arrangers and controllers

We also have a huge range of production equipment including session mixers, multi-track and handheld recorders, audio interfaces, software and more.

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