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What is nSpireMe?

nSpireMe’s Let’s Play Violin! iPad app helps children supercharge their violin learning with interactive practice.

nSpireMe keeps children super-engaged in-between lessons, empowering them to help themselves and developing more self-motivation to practise.

Benefits for parents

A practice buddy to help your child

Your child gets unlimited help between lessons with technology-enabled guidance and feedback on how to get better. Watch as your child practises more and improves their musicality.

Help your child to help themselves

Colourful feedback guides children on where they’ve done well and which areas to fix, successfully preparing them for their next lessons.

Play along

Our children can practise by themselves, with a metronome and even with recorded accompaniment. They can also listen to themselves play and compare against a demo recording.

Benefits for teachers

Your students will get better, quicker. The result is that your students are better able to learn from your teaching.

In harmony with your teaching

Let’s Play Violin! has an ever-expanding library of music content. We currently have music used in Suzuki teaching, and are introducing syllabuses and other music soon!

Real-time feedback

Easy-to-understand traffic-light colours show students which bits to improve upon.

Keeps students motivated

Being able to see and hear their own improvement in a fun environment drives up their practice motivation.

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