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Help Musicians is an independent UK charity which supports professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement

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A career in music involves highs and lows. For all the rewards, there can also be challenges.

An accident, injury or illness can have a devastating effect. And then with many musicians unable to save for their retirement with little or no pension provision, later life can be difficult too.

That’s why Help Musicians is here and has been here since 1921. The organisation has helped thousands of musicians with advice and guidance, as well as giving financial and emotional support. For many, Help Musicians is a lifeline, playing a vital role supporting working musicians who are dealing with an illness, injury or accident. They give financial grants to pay for medical treatment, specialist therapies and living costs.

Help Musicians aims to get musicians back to work as soon as possible but sometimes a long-term illness or disability can make this impossible. Such life-changing circumstances can be hard to accept and deal with. Help Musicians is here to provide one-on-one help and support.

They also improve the quality of life for retired musicians by providing financial and non-financial support and social visits. Their aim is for them to enjoy independence in later life.

They offer grants and provide opportunities to emerging musicians directly and through partnerships. And they help with short-term treatment costs for music students experiencing health problems.

As a charity, Help Musicians exists not only for musicians across the UK but for everyone who enjoys music. If you need help or know someone who does, they’re here for you. And if you love music, and want to help the people who make it, please support Help Musicians.

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