Drums for Schools

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21 Shaftesbury Avenue, Burton Joyce, East Midlands NG14 5GL
Detailed Information

Drums for Schools is a specialist in Class Ensemble Teaching using world music traditions. We help schools to become musically self-sufficient, to play an important cultural role in their communities and to bring the Life Skills and the social and academic benefits of a high quality music education to EVERY pupil.

  • Providing the instruments, materials and advice needed to embed music-making in the classroom, in after-school and lunch time clubs and through cross-curricular, community and voluntary activities.
  • Transferring essential expertise to teaching staff and supporting them every step of the way.

Drums for Schools supplies internationally. Our main warehouse is in Gunthorpe in the UK but we also have warehouses in Singapore, Bali and in Australia and we regularly supply schools and other customers in countries all over the world.

Our world-leading teaching support is also available internationally, through a mix of hard copy teaching guides, online videos and audio tracks, Skype consultancy, expert email advice and CPD training in regional centres.

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