World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association

Connecting the world’s choral lovers and professionals

World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association (WYCCAA) is an international non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong, supported by international maestros and advisors from 5 continents. Building upon the success of Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association since 1997, WYCCAA was founded by the renowned choral expert and conductor, Prof. Leon Shiu-wai TONG, in 2015. Experienced in hosting flagship, premium and educational choir festivals, WYCCAA is committed to connecting the world through music. The goal is to build a platform for every choral music lover and professional to exchange music and ideas, and to celebrate peace and cultural diversity. Aside from choir festivals, WYCCAA regularly invites choral maestros to host charity workshops for choir conductors and teachers to enhance their conducting skills and techniques.

Our global vision and objectives

  • To foster the holistic development of youth and children through choral singing
  • To pursue and advocate for perfection in the choral singing spirit – through which we celebrate love, peace and cultural diversity, and nurture a new generation of music ambassadors and artists
  • To build a global platform facilitating musical and cultural exchanges among choral music professionals and lovers
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