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Dejan Lazić releases new interpretation of Moonlight Sonata with MusicGurus

The critically acclaimed piano virtuoso shares how to master one of Beethoven’s most iconic pieces on the musicgurus.com online learning platform.

One of the most popular compositions of all time, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is loved by classical and contemporary pianists alike.

Partnering with the Croatian pianist Dejan Lazić, MusicGurus has taken online piano learning to the next level with the launch of their latest course, Mastering Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Movements I, II, III, an exciting new addition to the MusicGurus Originals range and a must for piano enthusiasts, Beethoven fans and classical music aficionados worldwide.

In this 19-part course, Lazić breaks down the Moonlight Sonata and shares tips and techniques to enable performers to master the three separate movements and build their piano-playing foundation. With integrated sheet music and the MusicGurus video player, subscribers can loop and slow-down all demonstrations enabling you to see exactly what’s going on and master all movements.

Dejan Lazić said, ‘Partnering with MusicGurus and working closely together with their fabulous team on such a wonderful, extensive project has been the most inspiring and exciting experience for me! On this journey, from the very first day of preparations, throughout the shoot until the final edit, it was a privilege and a joy to go into depth on this truly eye-opening masterwork by Beethoven — which now, 220 years after its creation, and after revolutionising the entire musical world, continues to delight, elevate, fascinate, and challenge us all.’

Tom Rogers, co-founder & CEO of MusicGurus, said, ‘At MusicGurus we’re passionate about all styles of music so we’re very excited to launch this new course for classical musicians with Dejan Lazić teaching the incredible ‘Moonlight’ Piano Sonata 14 by Beethoven. Dejan is an exceptional talent and inspirational tutor and we know that both new and experienced pianists everywhere will find learning this enduringly popular piece extremely rewarding.’

The Mastering Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Movements I, II, III course is available to purchase online at www.musicgurus.com and retails at £35 (lifetime access with no subscription necessary).