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Cory Sims brings music licensing expertise to Audionamix

The former artist, music technology expert and music licensing consultant Cory Sims has joined the audio isolation company Audionamix (ADX)  to forge new connections with the music industry.

The company’s AI-driven technology separates recordings into their constituent elements, allowing the isolation, removal and re-recording of vocal and other performances, even if the multitracks have disappeared.

This opens up opportunities for remixing and restructuring recordings, or parts of recordings for different uses, but also offers opportunities for rights holders, synchronisation libraries and licensees.

Sims’ career in music began as a member of the band Bronze Radio Return, both as band member and manager, while also running a venue in Hartford, Connecticut. His understanding of music business and technology gave him a strong role in creating new digital licensing agreements in downloading, gaming, streaming and karaoke.

ADX has established strong connections with clients such as Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand as an aid to both protecting and exploiting copyright. ADX technology’s ability to isolate and lift out performances within a mix has opened up new possibilities for creative uses of established recordings and has found it used in major motion pictures, Grammy-nominated albums and television productions.

Sims’ hire is part of Audionamix’s effort to support these creative projects. ‘Cory’s expertise in both sync licensing and music technology makes him the perfect liaison between our best-in-class AI stemming solutions and the needs of the music industry,’ explains Ellie McNeil, Audionamix General Manager, North America. ‘We remain committed to offering the most powerful AI algorithms exclusively as custom solutions for content owners.’

Sims has already spoken at the NAMM and CES events in January as a representative of ADX. ‘I was immediately drawn to Audionamix’s impressive technology and inspired by the creative possibilities for labels, publishers, sync-libraries, and music companies,” he said. ‘I’m excited to be working with such a passionate team at ADX and to be able to progress the essential nature of AI for music.’

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