Choral hub relaunches as social platform

Chorally, relaunching with its own social membership network

Chorally,  the ‘sibling’ website to MUSIC:ED, relaunched on 4 November with a new design and new features, including an in-built social network.

Following the relaunch, free membership will be open from mid-November, enabling amateur and professional singers and musicians, audiences and everyone who has a passion for choral music to join the international Chorally community.

  • Members will be able to create profiles, network with each other and post updates and comments directly to the website.
  • Choir administrators will be able to create group pages for their choirs, and post events and jobs.

Chorally includes news, event and job listings as well as an online magazine with feature articles and interviews. 

Full membership will open on 18 November.

Visit Chorally now at

Chorally is Official Media Partner of the World Symposium on Choral Music, Auckland, New Zealand, 11-18 July 2020

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