British Council studies the benefits of creative hubs in the Philippines

British Council Happy Nests report on creative hubs in the Philippines

With over seven percent of national income and 14 percent of employment generated by the creative sector, the positive impact of creative community groups across the Philippines has been the subject of a detailed socio-economic report by the British Council.

The report, ‘Happy Nests – The social impact of creative hubs in the Philippines’, is the third in a series published by the British Council. It attempts to define the most effective ways of combining creative, community and commercial sectors by studying the experience of dozens of creative hubs across the country.

It comes in response to the Filipino government’s growing interest in the positive effect such groups are having on the country’s economy and seeks to quantify this to inform local government, inward investors and aid associations around the world.

Over 80 creative groups focussing on performance arts, heritage, creative products, special needs, education and technology contributed to the report in various parts of the Manila Metro region and the city of Cebu.

The findings of the report showed the benefits of the most effective hubs as follows:

  • Providing a space, venue, platform for the artists
  • A central marketplace for exposure and opportunities
  • Skills training, mentorship and talent development
  • Job creation
  • New products
  • Quality of life enhancement
  • Cultural preservation and talent retention
  • Resilience of the organisation and its business model

Drew Wylie Consultancy and Qrious were commissioned by the British Council to create the report through extensive surveys, interviews and profiling.

The study is part of the Council’s creative economy programme in South East Asia, which seeks to generate new, engaging and relevant evidence on the sector while facilitating long-term collaboration between researchers in the Philippines and in the UK.

Download the report from the British Council website here.

View the Executive Summary below.

British Council Happy Nests Executive Summary
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