British Army Music launches free GCSE Music resources

Army Musician Lance Sergeant David Wong

Designed to be adaptable, flexible and time-saving – each section of the resources focusses on a single instrument, whilst building general skills such as listening, composition, music knowledge and history.

The free downloads include videos, worksheets and presentations, as well as tips for extension activities and homework, and are designed to provide challenging tasks for a range of abilities.

Developed in partnership with secondary school music teachers, the new resources help bridge the gap between KS3 and the GCSE music curriculum, and are also aligned to the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The films really set this resource apart. They are extremely useful to students’ learning and they will be inspired by seeing the Army musicians in action. – Music GCSE teacher.

Each resource consists of an in-depth video led by an Army musician, enhancing students’ awareness of an Army Music career path.

They have been designed to make lesson planning simple and can be completed as a full-length lesson, lesson starters, cover work, homework, or to aid revision.

They really highlight the features of individual instruments, which is a quite rare approach…. [the resource] also gives these instruments a unique voice, which is more memorable to students.

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