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Berklee and Haleon team up with Nicorette to launch Smokeless Break Beats

In an effort to encourage people to quit smoking through music, Nicorette, the nicotine patch and gum manufacturer, has teamed up with Berklee Music and Haleon Health Institute in the USA to replace smoking breaks with music.

Smokeless Break Beats have been created with the help of over 30 Berklee music students. The eight original tracks feature in four Spotify playlists with the aim of promoting relaxation, focus, confidence and physical release, which smokers otherwise seek out from smoking. Each playlist is personalised by Spotify to suit each user’s musical preferences but all contain the Berklee students’ tracks. 

The intention is that smokers who are seeking to kick their addiction will turn instead to the music for the period that would normally be taken up by a smoking break, typically three fifteen-minute periods per working day. 

‘Music is scientifically proven to reduce cravings, and even activates the same pleasure centres in the brain that nicotine does. The music tracks composed by the students are designed to help listeners regulate the psychological and physiological functions related to smoking, such as breathing, mood, and heart rate,’ said Joy Allen, Director, Berklee Music and Health Institute at Berklee College of Music. ‘We are so proud to partner with Nicorette to offer music as an accessible tool that smokers can use in their quit journey.’

‘For more than 20 years, Nicorette has been on a mission to help smokers break free from tobacco. Quitting is not a ‘one size fits all’ journey, and we know it can be incredibly challenging to get started and to stick to,’ said Pam Remash, Marketing Director, US Smokers’ Health, Haleon. 

‘We know that there are emotional, physical, and behavioural challenges in quitting smoking. SmokeLess Break Beats is designed to help smokers keep the habit of taking breaks but replace the cigarette with listening to music instead,’ explained Dan Wertheim, Brand Manager, US Smokers’ Health, Haleon.