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Advertising on MUSIC:ED

MUSIC:ED event map

Engage with the MUSIC:ED audience in a range of ways by publishing your content on our platform.

All content is boosted with a series of social media posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We offer different managed options:

  • Individual promotions – sponsored editorial, social media campaigns and banner advertising
  • Annual subscriptions – Platform Partnership

Events & courses

Promote conferences, summer schools, short courses, trade expos and more.

MUSIC:ED event map
MUSIC:ED event map

Each premium listing is accompanied by a news story and both items of content are promoted to our social media channels.

  • Cost: £180 per listing
  • Professional member discount: 25%

Jobs & opportunities

Advertise jobs, scholarships, awards and other opportunities including franchises.

MUSIC:ED job listing
MUSIC:ED job listing
  • Cost: £90 per listing
  • Professional member discount: 25%

Sponsored editorial

We create sponsored news, announcements, feature articles, interviews and product reviews.

  • Cost: news story from £120
  • Professional member discount: 25%

Banner advertising

Banner placements are available on the MUSIC:ED homepage and various other positions across the platform.

  • Cost: from £60 per month (min. 3 months)
  • Professional member discount: 25%

Platform partnership

Our annual Platform Partnership service is subscription-based and covers all types of content.

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