ACM launches new Songwriting pathway for diploma students

ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) has announced that students studying at diploma level at its Guildford or Birmingham campuses will now be able to choose Songwriting as an option when deciding their specialism.

Accredited by University of the Arts London (UAL), students opting to follow this new pathway – or any other ACM diploma course – will benefit from the ability to gain the highest possible Level 3 qualification – worth up to three A Levels at A* grade. This will enable them to progress to degree level at ACM while also giving them the option of changing direction and studying at another institution.

ACM has offered Songwriting as a pathway on its degree courses for a number of years – with BASCA and Freddie Mercury Scholarships available to students studying Songwriting at degree level. Successful alumni include MTV’s Brand New for 2013 winner, Ebony Day.

Senior Songwriting Lecturer at ACM, Kaya Herstad-Carney, said:

‘I’m so proud of how far all of my Creative Artist degree students have come since the start of their course. Being able to offer Songwriting at diploma level is fantastic as students can really hit the ground running when they go on to degree.’

Kainne Clements, Executive Chairman at ACM, said:

‘It’s a common misconception, mainly among parents, that studying music is not comparable with A Levels or really academic. The truth is, in fact, the opposite! At ACM, the diploma equates to three A Levels up to A* grade and, better still, makes Maths and English actually count as the lessons and assignments are all centred on subjects with industry context. From deconstructing a publishing deal to studying models for distribution, it all counts towards the certificate and teaches our students how the industry actually works. ACM has seen its diploma students double in numbers and become a substantial part of what we do.’

Header photo: ACM singers

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