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6-figure pledges take #saveourvenues campaign past £1m

Beggars Group, Amazon Music/The BPI and the Mayor of London take The Music Venue Trust's #saveourvenues campaign to over £1m

The Music Venue Trust’s #saveourvenues campaign has passed the £1m mark with six figure donations from Beggars Group, Amazon Music/The BPI and the Mayor of London, together with ‘substantial donations’ from several other music companies, including Sony Music, SJM, Kilimanjaro Live and DHP.

The campaign was instigated in response to the continued economic threat to over 500 grassroots music venues throughout the UK from the coronavirus crisis.

In its first week #saveourvenues has seen venues launch individual Crowdfunder pages linked to the campaign with artists raising money for individual venues in crisis with whom they have a personal connection.

Artists are also being asked to support the #saveourvenues initiative via their social media platforms using the #saveourvenues hashtag and directing their fans to shows they are performing as part of this initiative and signposting the way to the www.saveourvenues.co.uk website where donations can be made.

Crowdfunder is covering all of the campaign’s platform and transaction fees, meaning that all monies raised will go towards supporting music venues.

‘Live music in small venues is where it all starts’

Martin Mills, Founder and Chairman of Beggars Group, said:

‘We fully support this campaign. Live music in small venues is where it all starts for most of our artists, and many of our best times are spent in them. Whether it’s White Stripes at the Dome, Dry Cleaning at the Lexington or Adele (and Aldous Harding) above a pub in Islington, we need these places to survive and thrive. We miss them.’

Paul Firth, Director of Amazon Music Europe, said:

‘The UK live music industry is incredibly special and a key part of British music culture and in uncertain times like these it’s been great to see many in the music community come together for the #saveourvenues campaign to help protect and save Grassroots Music Venues across the UK.’

‘We dare not get complacent’

‘Mark Davyd, CEO, Music Venue Trust, said:

‘We cannot begin to say how grateful we are to Beggars Group, Amazon Music/The BPI, The Mayor of London, Sony Music, SJM, Kilimanjaro Live, DHP and others for stepping up and helping us with the #saveourvenues campaign.

‘These are critical times for over 500 grassroots music venues many of whom simply won’t survive this crisis without donations from the music industry and music fans.

‘This is a great start but there is still so much more to do, and we dare not get complacent. We urgently need other music industry partners to help the #saveourvenues campaign. Please get in touch if you can support us to prevent these closures.’

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